The 1st generation

Château des Landes is a family vineyard created in 1952, on the Lussac Saint Emilion appellation zone.
At the beginning, Paul Lassagne worked by night at a local roof tile factory, and by day on his little property with vines, land and pasture.

He was no less than happy to work twice as hard, having only one goal –
leave the factory to work full time for his passion.

He gave his love of the land
to the next generations.



The 2nd generation

In 1979, Daniel, the only son among 3 siblings, and after graduating from a wine school,
starts to work with his dad at the family property to develop it.

This little 5ha vineyard originally bought by Paul grows
over the years to reach 23ha
in the early 2000s.



In 1985, Château des Arnauds was created thanks to the purchase
of 2ha30 in a town called Abzac.

Direct selling to customers
then increases and allows an equipment



The 3rd generation

In 2001, the family property welcomes the third generation with Nicolas Lassagne,
after he graduated from a wine school.

He is able to bring his knowledge to the wineyard and the cellar,
but also to use his sales skill to develop the domain.

New wines are created and produced and new properties
are bought (Château Maltus, Ambre de Maltus,
Luccianus, …), covering a total of 46ha.



In 2019, Daniel Lassagne would be awarded for his long carrier
in the wine field, with the Médaille du Mérite Agricole (agricultural merit medal).

He would simultaneously retire.



To pass down the family torch
to future generations.

A terroir vineyard.
An authentic wine.