Our expertise

Paul passed down his love for wine making with passion and pride.
Passion that Nicolas, third of this generation, puts in his work every day.

This unique know-how is to be found in the vineyards as well as in the cellars and the wine bottles. The winemaker’s hard work is indeed every year awarded with numerous prizes and international critic.

Nicolas and his wife Sabrina are the keepers of a know-how and a family tradition that started back in 1952.

They are now committed to pass down this tradition
to their three daughters Anaïs, Lola and Ambre.

The people

Paul and Andrée

Paul and Andrée are Château des Landes founders.

They were a solid couple and very supportive to each other when it came to hard work. Nicolas’ grandfather worked
by night at a local roof tile factory, and by day on his little property
that grew over the years.

This is how they passed down to their family members
core values related to land owning: generosity, courage,
passion and perseverance.

Daniel and Patricia

Daniel Lassagne joins his father in 1979 after graduating from a wine school to develop the family property. On her side, Patricia would start to help her husband with administrative and commercial tasks in 1986 after working in the perfume industry.

This is how Nicolas’ parents carried on tradition
while putting perseverance in their work
and passion in their job.

Nicolas and Sabrina

Nicolas joined back in 2001 after graduating from a wine and business school. He brought his technical knowledge to the domain by bringing out the plurality of terroirs the vineyard possesses. This can be seen in every cuvée that is sold in direct sale. His wife Sabrina joined the family business in 2017 to continue developing Vignobles Lassagne.

New properties have since been bought such as bought Château Maltus AOC Lalande de Pommerol, Ambre de Maltus AOC Bordeaux Blanc, and Luccianus – matured in amphoras. This couple of wine producers pursue excellence for every wine they make.

Thus, we question our work every year, nothing
is left aside, with respect for terroirs
and family traditions.

Our commitments

The vineyard has a HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale / High environmental value) certification since vintage 2019.

A terroir vineyard.
An authentic wine.